Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I should probably blog more right ?

I forget I have a blog !
I have lots to update .
I am a terrible internet user !

So . News . I have updated my studio and I have a canvas store big enough to fit my large mountain paintings in . I have had my artwork printed on Christmas cards for Tiger Time and the David Shepherd wildlife foundation and plenty of those sold last year to raise money for endangered wildlife . I also had the great honour of being invited to be guest artist at this years David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year awards at the Mall Galleried London . My paintings hung next to David's and that was a very proud moment for me . I also was invited to attend the awards evening and corporate event and it was all great fun .
All the artists this year were invited to paint a postcard size original to raise funds for the foundation and mine was one of the first sold which makes me really happy .

I have had the summer off from painting to just hang out with my family and we had a great time visiting museums , playing in the sea and losing an awful lot of 2p's in the amusements :-D
Now it is Autumn and time to get back to work .
There is a brand new canvas in the studio and I have some brand new ideas I want to play with surrounding the colours grey , yellow , and neon yellow . I think I want to explore abstract and painterly juxtaposed with traditional alpine painting .
It should be fun !