Sunday, 14 February 2016

My new painting is here ! Well two actually . My first is this panorama called "Light show and sausages" Acrylic on canvas . 100x30x2cm.
The story behind this , You have probably heard before . I was at the end of the Lauterbrunnen valley late one evening after a stormy day . They were playing folk music and selling Bratwurst ( sausage) and the smell was amazing . To my right there was a huge waterfall crashing down thousands of feet . In front of me the sun suddenly lit up patches of the mountain for a second or two at a time and to me it seemed like musical notes being played .I spent a magical ten minutes with the camera chasing it and then it was gone .

This is the second , "Tension" acrylic on canvas 91x61x2cm .

I hope you like them :-)
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I should probably blog more right ?

I forget I have a blog !
I have lots to update .
I am a terrible internet user !

So . News . I have updated my studio and I have a canvas store big enough to fit my large mountain paintings in . I have had my artwork printed on Christmas cards for Tiger Time and the David Shepherd wildlife foundation and plenty of those sold last year to raise money for endangered wildlife . I also had the great honour of being invited to be guest artist at this years David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year awards at the Mall Galleried London . My paintings hung next to David's and that was a very proud moment for me . I also was invited to attend the awards evening and corporate event and it was all great fun .
All the artists this year were invited to paint a postcard size original to raise funds for the foundation and mine was one of the first sold which makes me really happy .

I have had the summer off from painting to just hang out with my family and we had a great time visiting museums , playing in the sea and losing an awful lot of 2p's in the amusements :-D
Now it is Autumn and time to get back to work .
There is a brand new canvas in the studio and I have some brand new ideas I want to play with surrounding the colours grey , yellow , and neon yellow . I think I want to explore abstract and painterly juxtaposed with traditional alpine painting .
It should be fun !

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Part one of my new paint storage in my studio . All my acrylic paints where I can easily reach them and see quickly what I have run out of .

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Well , its been a while since my last post . without going into things too much , its been a sad difficult and delightful time and I am much stronger than I ever knew . Since I last bogged I have won the David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year "Wild Places " award  twice more . Three years running is a rather good record I think . :-) I have also been featured in Kent today  , leisure painter and David shepherd wildlife matters magazine . The Competition has even been covered by the wall street journal . Its a great thing to be part of .
Next thing for me ? a studio revamp . The old design isn't working for me and over the years I have changed the way I paint .
This is an exciting time . I have been developing my printmaking skills and can now carve both linocut and woodcuts and I have a new range of greetings cards and postcards out with more to follow . I plan to list everything on my etsy shop in the new year . Links will follow .
 Hope you all had a great christmas and I wish you a happy new year .

My new years resolution ? to get organised and get art done :-)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Painting update

Its coming along . I added some thin white drippy paint and its beggining to gain mass . I can see shapes i can use and its exciting at this point .

Friday, 14 October 2011

This is the latest progress on my new large canvas , SIlberhorn . It wont stay so drippy , im using acrylic in wet washes at the moment for transluscency . 150x100cm .